Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Vision for Christian Movies

As a church librarian, let me tell you, it can be difficult to find movies that BELONG. I've settled for CLEAN but have longed for more with a Christian worldview that is presented in a well made format and interesting storyline. You know what I mean. Sherwood Pictures has blessed us with Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof, improving their craft with each offering. Fox Faith has also produced some good work, but the Biblical worldview may be lacking & there may be foul language. (boo hiss!)

For movies to exist, there must be movie makers. Have you ever wondered where a Christian can go to learn the how to's without having to deal with the Hollywood mindset? Ponder no more!

Having ties to the San Antonio area & having shopped with Vision Forum for YEARS, I've received advertisements about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival since it's beginnings 5 years ago. Something that I've heard about but have not kept tabs on has been the Christian Filmmakers Academy which is held just prior to the festival. I've enjoyed the blog about it on The Rebelution which is run by the Harris kids (of Do Hard Things fame > available in the church library).

Vision Forum's Doug Phillips' blog on January 5 introduces the Academy with these words:
The 2009 Christian Filmmakers Academy kicked off this morning at 10:00 a.m. with introductions from faculty members and special guests Geoff Botkin, Voddie Baucham, Isaac Botkin, and Jim Broyden. From there we launched into a foundational discussion on “Biblical Worldview and the Theology of Christian Filmmaking.” He explains that academy "attendees will get a crash course in biblical worldview for filmmaking along with special instruction in science fiction, stunts, violence in film, and composition."

His photo blog on stuntman Jimmy Broyden was KAPOW, SPLAT, WHAM, ZOWIE fun. He also rejoices over Fireproof being the top grossing independent film of 2008 - ahead of at least 8 big nasties. Woohoo!

You've missed your chance to compete this year but hear the call to make movies to the glory of the Lord. Next year's festival will be here before you know it and we could use more good DVDs in the library. So get to work.

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