Saturday, January 31, 2009

LAEP Contest Results

As I mentioned before, as a part of the LAEP set construction crew, I've learned how important it it to remember how the set is put together so it can be put BACK together the RIGHT way the next time that particular part of the set is constructed. I took pictures last year - worth 1000s of words, you know - so we'd have an easier time putting things together this year & thought I'd see if any of YOU could recognize what is in the photographs.

The results are in and we have a winner (drum roll please!): Stephanie!
I know you are really surprised since Stephanie was the only person who played. Still a win for her! She will be receiving a cute little stationary gift.

Photo #1 does indeed show the inside of the baptistery looking toward the congregation underneath the staging for Pilot's scene.
As Steph put it in architect speak: "cantilevering over the baptistery taken from inside the pool."

Photo #2
This caused some confusion.
This is the ramp that the tomb door rolls down. Perhaps if I'd turned the photo counterclockwise it would have been easier to identify but Rachel knew what it was. Smoke is piped out of the white tube.

Photo #3

Under the scaffolding beneath the scrim ladder is a tight squeeze. We nearly always have to re-arrange HEAVY things because they are not initially placed close enough to the wall or the blocks are not sticking out the door.

Photo #4
Rachel didn't know this one either. This is the ladder that Pastor James climbs so he can perch on top of the tomb for a solo. The fan is inside the tomb. Scott asked me to photograph this specifically so that poor little upside down fan must have some important job. In this photo, all the black hanging cloths have been removed so just that corner of the tomb frame is visible.

Photo #5
On the other side of this grey wall are the choir risers so the red frame is part of the scaffold and the silver air vents are a blessing indeed to all the costumed cast & choir members. I took a couple of photos of this section that had to be redone TWICE because an older MAN (who shall remain nameless, just as well because I don't recall his name!) would not listen to the females who knew where things were supposed to go. TWICE.

No, I'm not mad upset irritated bothered by it.
The photos are ammunition proof. Just because we are female is not a reason to assume that we don't know what we are doing. Don't believe what we say? Just look at the pictures, buddy.


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Right! It's always funny working with those "older, wiser guys" who look at us ladies and think we must certainly be lost...looking for the ladies room, perhaps? The first year I think they were all surprised to see a lady who could swing a hammer or drive a drill...and who loved to do it! Hey-have tools, will travel! I can't wait for set construction week :) Always tons of fun! Thanks for letting me play :)

Alice said...

Good post, Patti :). I didn't have any idea what most of these were. They make sense now, though, so thanks for the explanations :O).

SmlTwnLdy said...

Congratulations Stephanie!

So I was going to compete after I saw the post.... then I saw the pictures. I only knew the wall behind the choir risers. I realized that's the only part of the set I've seen since I've only been in the choir during LAEP. Although I am now intrigued by set construction, I won't be joining you tool wielding ladies this year. This baby within me still has one trimester left, but I'm starting to remember how I felt with my first pregnancy... how can this child grow anymore? There's no room!