Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Do you do New Year's Resolutions?

Not me!

However, this year I'm endeavoring to read through the Bible. I may not get finished in a year > I have trouble reading quickly through the deep stuff. It requires pondering. That's WHY it's considered DEEP.

My MIL & FIL told me that they'd read through the Bible last year. When I expressed my frustration in that area ( I know, Pastor James: "Be persistent until consistent!") my MIL offered me the Bible she used for 2008: The Daily Bible - In Chronological Order - 365 Daily Reading - NIV with devotional insights -
Large Print Edition.

She said that with it being chronological, some of the repetition is eliminated so it is a little shorter. Now, some of you legalists will tell me that I'm not REALLY reading the whole thing if I don't read the repetitions. Suit yourself. I personally will be thrilled to read it through as is!

I started early but have not been paying attention to the dates while reading so it may take me more or less time. Today I am on January 12 which is Gen. 26-30. You are welcome to ask me about it to help keep me accountable. Realize that I'm apt to share with you where I am & the gems which brighten my understanding.

I am resolved but it is NOT a RESOLUTION. Just so that's clear.

BTW, did you know that God established the death penalty?
Gen. 9:5-7
Now you know.

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