Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kitchen Waterfall

This morning I had a waterfall in my kitchen.

Sounds peaceful maybe? Thematic? Are you hearing running water & birds in the background? Soothing music? Perhaps the scent of flowers? Maybe a rainbow?

No. It was not like that. At all.

We are used to hearing the sound of water running as it fills the ice maker in the freezer, but today the sound drew our attention as water poured from the ice dispenser, quickly filled the little drip pan & streamed down the freezer door.


We stared for a moment, waiting for it to stop. Shocked. Mouths hanging open.
It did not stop.

Kids scattered for towels & started tossing them into the puddle pond lake as the deluge splashed on our feet.

I opened the freezer door. Water cascaded down all the frozen foods, remaining inside the freezer to freeze items in place rather than feeding the rising waters.

I pulled out the ice bin & filpped the regulating bar into the off position. We watched as the last of the flow drained, dribbling down to make droplet shaped ice balls.

Pulling the fridge forward, Andrew unplugged the giant then turned off the water supply. Each of us began working to clean up the mess - the biggest of which was the swamp under the fridge. I'm sure you know of what I speak so there is no need for me to mention the collection of interesting artifacts nor the screams from the drowning dust bunnies. I was glad to find no other wildlife, living or dead.

I will miss my ice maker. It's the first one we ever had. It started acting up the week after the fridge's 2 year warranty expired but we've found ways to deal with its issues so far. Maybe my wonderful mechanic will be able to fix it - you know he has time on his hands (LOL!) He likes ice tea so there is some motivation. :-)

We were home!
I wonder how long it would have pumped water into the kitchen had we not been here to shut it off. How badly would the floors have been damaged?
The kids were fantastic, running around grabbing towels & working together to put the house right.
We found the old ice trays under the sink when I cleaned under there last week & Rachel had just washed them all so we've got ice!
The floor under the fridge is now clean!
But I think I heard some of the sideboard dustbunnies discussing a possible pilgrimage so I don't expect it to last long.

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daynagonzalez said...

So good that you have such a comical way of seeing things. And it's good that you knew how to turn it off....I don't think I would have known what to do, and I'm pretty sure my kids would not have been able to help much. :o)