Monday, January 26, 2009

Lake Area Easter Pageant CONTEST?

Photo #1
As a part of the LAEP set construction crew, I've learned how important it it to remember how the set is put together so it can be put BACK together the RIGHT way the next time that particular part of the set is constructed.

Photo #2
We have maps of staging units and carpet placement but other sections have tended to rely mostly on memory which, sad to say, can be faulty after a year has passed SO last year as we were tearing-down, I pulled out my camera & took pictures - worth 1000s of words, you know - so we'd have an easier time putting things together this year.

Photo #3

I spent some time yesterday organizing those photos into more friendly sizes and layouts & just for the fun of it though I'd see if any of YOU can recognize what is in the photographs.

Photo #4
Leave a comment with your guesses.

Photo #5
And, YES, there is a prize for the most accurate guesser. Have fun!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Do I get to play? (It's been a year or two since I've been involved!) Here's my guesses:

Photo #1: cantilevering over the baptistry, photo taken from the "pool"

Photo #2: smoke machine piping on organ side of santuary (? this one's throwing me off)

Photo #3: leading from piano side door to the mess (I mean "structure") under the scrim

Photo #4: ladder up to the scrim (very scarry in the dark!)

Photo #5: (blessed!) air vents running behind the "stone" walls

It's funny you should mention maps of staging and carpet-I would try to draw the set parts out every year but the next year Bro. Scott would have another great idea and everything would change again! :)

Can't wait to work on it this year! LAEP is the best kind of "tired and sore" there is :)

Patti said...

Of course you can play!
#1 & #3 yeppers
#2 the white pipe is for smoke but what is the rest?
#4 NO!
#5 Which walls?

Thanks for guessing. I asked Scott if we could use the photos since things are always apt to change. He said yes, so we'll see if the jigsaw puzzle goes together any easier this year. :-) I agree about the good kinda tired too.

luke and wyatt's mom said...

OK-is it legal to try again? :)

#2-I still have no idea-maybe something new since I worked the crew. (Or my memory is really that bad-quite likely!)

#4-ladder to whatever is cantilevered over the baptistry? (organ side) I have to ask...what's with that poor fan? Does it really work upside down? It just looks so sad...someone shoot it and put it out of its misery!

#5-walls along the "road" in front of senior men's class and Owen's office? Or maybe walls under the scrim behind choir risers? (used to be black fabric under the scrim-hung from the scaffolding)

OK-so I'm REALLY rusty at all this...all the more reason for me to work it this year :)