Friday, January 23, 2009

Color Me Blue for My Boys

This arrived in my e mailbox today from the Christian Worldview Network:
the Middle Class
By Brannon Howse
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Obama’s economic advisor Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, testified before the House Steering and Policy Committee Jan. 7, 2009, on federal funding of infrastructure projects throughout the nation.

Reich said:
"It seems to me that infrastructure spending is a very important and good way of stimulating the economy. The challenge will be to do it quickly, to find projects that can be done that will have a high social return that also can be done with the greatest speed possible. I am concerned, as I'm sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers. I have nothing against white male construction workers I'm just saying there are a lot of other people who have needs as well. There are ways in which the money can be, criteria can be set so the money does go to others, the long term unemployed, minorities, women.”

Can you imagine what the media and cultural elite would say if the agenda was to only give federal contracts for infrastructure to whites and NOT minorities and women? The last two groups that can be discriminated against in America without consequences are Christians and white males. If you happen to be both a Christian and a white male then you are really a target in today’s politically correct culture.

I predict that one group that will be employed by the federal tax dollars that were paid in by the hated “white, high skilled people who are already professionals” and the “white male construction workers” will be illegal aliens.

I predict the Obama Administration will not only give illegal aliens high paying jobs through this federal infrastructure program, but also citizenship. With citizenship comes the right to vote and thereby securing election after election for the Cultural Marxists.

Responding to the testimony of Robert Reich, was U.S. Representative Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. Rangel had no problem with what Reich was proposing. In fact, Rangel wants to implement even more federal dictates to the states. Rangel said the federal government, must "remove the discretion" about where the money would be spent and how it would be spent. Governors and legislatures would have no say on how the money will be spent. Reich agreed and said, "Governors ought to be, should be given a choice of signing on the bottom line or not."

Now hold on to your hat. Rangel said when the "middle class" hears about their plan; the middle class will do nothing. Rangel said:
"One thing that you can depend on, you don't have to be worried about what the middle class is going to do. Things are so bad, they have to put food on their tables, get clothes for their kids, get them in school.”

The more I read, hear, and research, the more I am willing to believe this financial crisis, that was birthed in the Clinton Administration, was possibly orchestrated in order to destroy the middle class and implement radical, extreme socialism.

Who is the largest employer in America? The answer is small business. Who runs small businesses? The middle class largely run small businesses in America.

Who supports pro-family, pro-life organizations like Worldview Weekend, The American Family Association, Focus on the Family and other groups that oppose the humanistic, global governance worldview of the cultural elite? Who is the most politically active for faith, family and freedoms? Who funds Christian radio, missions, and the spread of the Gospel? What group of Americans most understands history, has served in the military, and is opposed to socialism? What group makes up the largest members of the Reagan Revolution?

The answer to all these questions is the middle class.

The social engineers know that if the middle class is consumed with food, shelter, clothing and employment; most will not even notice what is happening in the area of public policy. Those that do see what is happening will not be able to do anything about it because as Rangel said, they are overwhelmed with the basics of life.

Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm, Emanuel told business leaders in a November 2008 meeting that the financial crisis was “an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

The goals of Cultural Marxism are primarily the destruction of Christianity and the creation of chaos. The ultimate goal is to move from Cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism and that is what is happening to America today. Obama, the Clintons, Rangel, Reich, Emanuel and Obama’s entire Administration is committed to moving from Cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism. To get there they must destroy and distract their only real obstacle…the middle class.

For a more complete understanding of Cultural Marxism read an article I wrote during the summer of 2007 by clicking here:
Click here to view the Rangel and Reich comments for yourself:

You may know by now that I have 3 sons, at least 2 of which will be seeking good jobs during the current presidential reign. Strong, intelligent, hard-working, Jesus-loving, American melting-pot white, middle-class sons whom I love like crazy. I'm starting to feel like our new administration is out to get them and that idea makes me mama-bear don't-you-mess-with-my-cubs mad. My dukes are up and I know where to find the Power Who can bring change.

Stan told me earlier today that Rush said something like "praying for your president to succeed is good if he is doing good things, but if he has devious plans that are anti-America, pray for his plans to fail."

I repeat from a couple of days ago:
2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Are you on your knees praying for our country & for your children's future?

I am.

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Thank you for this well-written post. I am standing with you in prayer.