Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy 18th Andrew!

I realize that this is not officially Andrew. However, being the family photographer, the photos of a pregnant me are few so since Andrew is the one causing me to look like an Easter egg, I figured, it counted! :-)
I believe I was at the top of the 7th here.

Can you tell I've been awake in labor since a little after midnight? Then had a C. Bummer. But healthy baby PTL!

Since Andrew was born on Oct. 30, the hospital had all the babies as little orange punkin' heads. That I didn't mind but I abhored the paper cut-outs of witches & ghosts which they replaced in his rolling crib every time he went back to the hospital nursery. One would think that they'd figure out that I didn't want them since I threw them away every time he came to me.
Nothing like a big brother to help you grow-up fast. Jacob was disappointed that Andrew wasn't born ready to roughhouse. I told him that when Andrew got bigger he would be able to walk. Jacob replied with a big smile, "And I can push him down!"

Andrew was the limberest (is that a word?) kid I have ever seen. Chewed his toes. Once I watched him laying on his side looking at a book turning pages with his foot. Very talented.

He was also an excellent eater. The best one. And eager to try anything, just bring it on FAST.
Some things never change. :-)

I included this photo as a "before his first haircut" shot. That's probably the bowl that held his first birthday cake batter.

Here's my sweetie after his first haircut. What a cute kid. He'd look up at you & bat those long eyelashes. Spoiled? Of course not. Wrapped around a finger. No way.
Just very loved.

Happy birthday, Andrew!


Wife and Mom said...

Hard to believe he is 18--WOW. He was very cute then and very handsome now. Love that tummy shot of yours too!

Alice said...

The "push him down" comment sounds exactly like the Jacob I know and love today. Nothing has changed, apparently. And, the shot of Andrew with his long hair looks like Rachel!!! How sweet!