Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MOPS Memories

Yesterday morning a couple of other church ladies and I helped lead a discussion about childhood fears & answer some questions for our church's MOPS group. I felt honored to be asked and blessed by the bonus of breakfast. Feed them & they will come!

One of the organizers estimated our combined parenting experience as 45 years. We discussed among ourselved & decided we should get credit for each child since each is so different from the others. For me it's 20 + 18 + 15 + 12 = 65 years. No wonder I sometimes feel old, tired & ready for retirement. LOL!

It was fun thinking back to when the kids had what we'd consider silly fears today:
Rachel's "scary" beans (French cut reminded her of worms - it didn't help that Jacob decided to pick one up & act like it was gonna get her).
Caleb freaking out at a loud, moving toy ("Hahahaha, Wipe Out! Nanananananananananananananananan").
Andrew's fear of sitting in a chair that he fell over in (Just don't push your feet against the table & you won't fall).
Jacob's fear of blindfolds & spooky music (The music can't get'cha, Buddy).

It was usually easy to hug those childhood fears away.

Praise the Lord that Our Heavenly Father can cast away all fears with His Perfect Love: a Spiritual hug for all ages, available whenever needed.

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