Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Centennial Flashback

OK, so it's not 100 years. Blog # 100. Cool beans!

Flashback to blog #1
I was excited about the movie
No Intelligence Allowed
opening at the theater.
Now it is out on DVD.
Haven't taken the time to see it yet? Now's your chance.

Stan picked up a copy at Walmart for the library. Funny thing: He said they were hard to find and only a few copies were available. Now, that doesn't sound like Wallyworld for a typical movie DVD premiere.

The website is still active and offers a petition opportunity and a bobblehead Ben among other things. Too funny! http://www.expelledthemovie.com/
Ben Stein says that Expelled was the #1 documentary in 2008 and has produced change "from the legislature to the classroom." PTL!

Blog # 2 dealt mainly with the county fair (held in the spring) & the Spurs in the playoffs. Spurs lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference finals. Maybe next time!

In blog #3 Rachel was about to get braces. Here are my three sweet braces faces. Rachel's orthodontists are wanting a couple of her teeth which have refused to erupt to be "exposed", cut & stitch open the gum & attach a wire to pull the tooth down. OUCHIE. We are praying that they will move without medical intervention.
Caleb may get his off soon. YEA!
Jacob is dealing with cavities along with the braces. Come on, Boy! Brush & floss that gated community!

Blog #4 began our Mini Saga.
Current update: Dr. Stan is working on putting the engine back together. It's coming right along but slower with him working days at his real job. It would be great to have Mini going before Thanksgiving (and potentially possible) so we might get to visit my mom. Red is prepared to donate exhaust pipes since Mini didn't have any. The surgeon is not expecting any rejection problems.

Blog #5 = more Spurs. Sigh.

In blog # 6, Rachel purchased a kilt for Jacob. I know you've been waiting for this photo for a long time. :-) On the rest of his attire, Maryn painted the shirt in one of her classes. It says "I like cheese" and has a picture of a llama (Jacob's nickname, thank you Jake G.).
Yes. He is also wearing the ugly tattoo arm hose I mentioned before. He insisted. Reading about the painted people in Rosemary Sutcliff's books must have rubbed off. We do have some English, Irish & Scotch ancestry so perhaps he comes by some of this stuff genetically. :-)
JIC you are concerned about my son wearing a SKIRT, check out these manly men http://www.kiltmen.com/photogallery3.htm
Jacob liked the kilted paintball team.


Alice said...

Wow! Enough said :)

I love your new header :) Great family shot. Fun pictures of the younguns - lol.

Anonymous said...

That header is HILARIOUS!!!