Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whoopee Pies

Not to be confused with either whoopee cushions nor cow pies.

They are Amish but also made by Mennonites (according to TT). The one I enjoyed consuming was hand-made from scratch (available anytime you itch) and chocolate. It looked like a giant Oreo but instead of cookies there were gently convexing mounds of chocolate cake on either side of a vanilla filling which was made with regular sugar so each bite "crunched." I was told that they were individually wrapped to keep them from sticking together and/or falling apart (cake is soft, you know). I was told that pumpkin whoopee pies were enjoyed around the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays. Perhaps moonpies are the southern version of the north's whoopee pie?

From further research I've learned:
1. The name is reputed to come from Amish kids who shouted "Whoopee" upon finding one in their lunch pail.
2. They are considered a part of Pennsylvania Dutch culture.
3. Most recipes have marshmallow cream in the filling.
4. Most recipes use confectioners sugar rather than the crunchy kind.
5. You can use a chocolate cake mix and/or chocolate pudding when making the cookie cakes.

This was an informative site:

Here's a bunch of recipes:,1-0,whoopi_pie,FF.html
Four flavors:

If Tina shares her daughter's recipe with me, I'll share it with you. I just know you'll pat your feet.


Wife and Mom said...

I am so excited to see you post about Whoopies! I watched a special on them on the Food Network one night and have thought many times about making them. You writing about them has rekindled my Whoopee curiosity! Thanks!

Patti said...

Glad to be of service. Let me know when they're ready to eat! :D