Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Monday a Month

The first Monday, actually. Had us busy as bees, beavers & a one-armed wallpaper hanger.
And blessed. Never forget that.

Yesterday as usual, Stan left for work at 4:45. Too early to wake-up the rooster.
Let us here have a moment of silence: compassion for this awful schedule my night owl hubby is enduring, thankfulness for his good job, willingness to work & uncomplaining spirit, and gratitude that my internal clock has adjusted so that I no longer wake-up with him. :-)

Also as usual, Jacob headed to work at 7:30. His schedule: work, theatre class (abreviated by the college as THE 1000. We laughed at that, thinking that it sounded like a movie title) where he finished watching Hamlet (not Omlet) with Mel Gibson. If you MUST watch Hamlet...
After class he visits his sweetheart Maryn until time for Technical Communications at 6 p.m. He said they were to write a memo to the college presenting a problem and suggesting a solution. His? Problem: Satelite campuses are too far from the main college wasting time & money getting to classes. Solution: Build a partical accellerator to enable immediate travel from one site to another.
That's my boy.

My Andrew is still fighting a persistant cold. I told him, "If you don't want to go with us this morning, you can stay here & sleep until you need to get-up for class."
I saw him go right back to sleep. He muttered something first. It must have been something like, "Oh thank you so much, my wonderful, thoughtful mother. I'm sure the extra rest will help me to feel better & have energy for the rest of my day of work & college classes: The two I take with Jacob plus Marriage & Family which seems to focus on all the aberrations rather than the true God ordained marriage ideal. (VOTE FOR AMENDMENT 2 defining marriage.) How very kind of you to let me sleep. How blessed I am to have you for my mother."
He has such a way with words.

Caleb, Rachel & I scurried around fixing our lunches & getting together the last of what we needed for home school support group day, leaving about 8 a.m. They had to ride with me instead of coming-up later with Andrew so I put them to work helping set-up for the meeting: setting-up tables & chairs, bringing over 4-H materials & free books, opening the library, making sure that the doors are unlocked. Then other people arrived to help. We are so blessed!

People are bringing goodies to share for breakfast at 8:30. Volunteers are leading the different reading/writing clubs and 4-H projects. Moms and teens are signing-up to work in the nursery. MB is helping with paperwork & $. Moms (and DD, our homeschooling dad) are pitching-in everywhere. The kids all seem to be getting along well. I believe we had 60 - 70 in attendance.

I'm doing Liberty Writers this year. Yesterday we focused on taking notes from written sources in such a way to prevent plagerism. I'm also doing a 4-H project group on personal finance. We had a lively discussion about money, what it is, what it's worth, it's true value, who wants it and having a biblical worldview about it.

Then we cleaned-up>this is when I realized my camera was still in it's case=once again no pictures!>
We cleaned-up FAST because...

One mom, MJ, has invited us to her home to picnic & then swim in the lake after the mtg for the last two months & plans to have us again next month, weather permitting, plus she blessed us with homemade bread, muffins and watermelon. Other moms shared pizza & chips. One mom brought individually wrapped Whoopee Pies, hand-made by her oldest daughter. Food, fun & fellowship with good friends: priceless blessings!

Around 1pm I wondered aloud if Andrew had woken-up in time to get to class. One of the moms offered the use of her cell. I declined since his class was at 10:30. First time it had crossed my mind...

The kids had a great time playing in the lake even though it rained periodically. What? Rain? "Quick, get out of the lake. You might get wet!" LOL

We headed to our house around 315. Surprisingly, we beat Stan home, unloaded the car then collapsed on various furniture pieces to power nap.

I woke up at 5 minutes to 5. The household was snoring; Rachel on the couch, Stan on the recliner, Caleb on the loveseat.

Rousing Rachel to get her boots on, I presented my options to Stan: I could take Rachel to horseback then hippology then fix supper when I got home around 8:30/9pm after he returns from Boy Scouts with Caleb. OR he takes Rachel to horseback while I cook then he comes home early, we eat, I go to horseback & hippology & he takes Caleb to Boy Scouts. He chose door number 2 then so enjoyed watching Rachel ride on the beautiful Arabian, Jazz, that he forgot to come home to eat. It's okay. I left some food for him.

hippology: the study of horses. Since spellcheck is confused, I thought you might be also.

Rachel really enjoyed her first hippology mtg. It helped that as they worked on identifying bridle and saddle parts, that she was one of 2 girls there who ride western so could identify the western tack easier than the English riders. More points for her team. Yea!

Upon our return home, Caleb informed me that he learned to tie four new knots and received kudos for his e-mailed letter to a Senator. Yea!

Andrew was home from class - yes, he made it to all on time as well as work, but he's still all clogged-up, poor buddy. His English memo: Problem: No food available on small campus. Solution? Small snack bar with microwave food & deli sandwiches. Yum. You know where his mind is. :-) He was glad I had fixed supper earlier, plenty for him & Rachel too.

Soon Jacob was home, my last little chick into the nest. We settled in for a little R&R in front of the telly before bedtime. Another manic Monday down until the first of November.


Alice said...

Wow! And to think I thought I was bored over here - ROFL!

Alice said...

Not sure that came out like I meant it to...I like being bored :), not that I thought you were boring, because you are NEVER boring :) - too funny - and Andrew sounds just like my Jason :) mumble, mumble

Patti said...

Have I told you lately that I love you, Alice? :D You make me smile.

luke and wyatt's mom said...

Inquiring minds want to know (or, maybe just me)...what's a Whoopee Pie?