Thursday, October 23, 2008

50 Surprises

Yeppers. Stan turns the big five oh on Friday. He said he didn't want a party so we are not having one. However, we did surprise him at church supper last night.

We started scheming planning on Monday. Jacob would purchase the balloons & put them in Andrew's car. Rachel would practice some of her new cake decorating skills.
These say 50 not "SO"! I think she did a good job. :-)
Here we are, waiting for the man of the hour to arrive. He's working OT the rest of this week (Well, through today since he took tomorrow off. Just cause it's his 50th birthday. Sheesh. You'd think it was a big deal or something.) so we knew he'd be late getting there. I was hoping for between 5:30 & 6 but time passed. Slowly.
We got our drinks.
We got our salads & deserts (Yes, I realize there are cupcakes in the Tupperware. Are you suggesting that 2 tiny deserts are too many? Fah!).
We paid for supper & brought our spaghetti plates with yummy garlic bread to the table to wait.

And waited.
Waiting, my mind wandered into realms of why he had not yet arrived. Ranger broke down? Possible. Traffic accident greatly slowing the drive home? Also possible. Maybe he'd arrive after supper was over? Bummer! Surely not. He's gotta get here soon.

I ate my salad. Mixed complete with cherry tomatoes & carrots & topped with some yummy vidalia onion dressing. Lip smackin' good.

FINALLY about 6:15, Ranger was sighted & the target my dear hubby approached the building.

Jacob stood-up in front of the doors facing the noisy, crowded Fellowship Hall.
He waved his arms over his head and projected well, "Excuse me!"
The room got quiet.
"My Dad is turning 50 and didn't want a party so we thought we'd surprise him here. When he comes in, will you help us sing Happy Birthday to him? Here he comes!"

Stan walked in and:

Then we took a couple more pictures & ate our supper.

I love it when a plan comes together!


Alice said...

Awesome! Now I understand why Jacob came over to the gameroom and told Andrew that "mom wants you over there now." Of course it had to be when Andrew was just about to win the pool match :). Happy birthday, Stan!!!

Nana said...

How cool. We were there and sang happy birthday. Didn't know who we were singing too. One day I will get everyone put together. Hope his birthday was happy.