Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorting Through Life

I cleaned off my desk yesterday.
It was time.
Stan had been giving it the "are you serious?" pointed look for nearly a week.
My two neat stacks had merged into one sloppy mountain pile.
So I dived in.

Often as the day hurries past, I'm thrilled just to get things into the rooms where they belong. I must admit that since the LAST time I cleaned off my desk, I've been much better at filing. Everything, that is, except for the stuff that goes in the bottom drawer. That one sags. To the right. Have you ever dealt with a sagging metal drawer? A heavy drawer sagging into a corner?

One might say, "Well, maybe you have too much in it."
One might then get told that "It is a filing cabinet. It is supposed to hold files and papers which is what I have in it. I'm not storing bricks in there."

Anyhow, I stuffed neatly filed more into that drawer and yes, once again, it is stuck open.
Like a yawning mouth saying, "Feed me more!"
Well, maybe not.

But I digress!

My intent is to tell you about some of the cool stuff I found what a great job I did. Cleaning off my desk is a walk down Memory Lane. To begin, I drag over a trash can.

I have lots of small slips of paper: names, numbers, addresses, ideas. Most of them have accomplished their objectives (keeping me from forgetting something I needed to recall) so they and all of the receipts now belong in file 13, including the ones from the grocery store offering $$$ for filling-out their online survey. Anyone of you ever win one of those?

Memory keeper: Movie tickets to Wall-E (double date with Stan, Caleb & Rachel -> Caleb was my date) & Fireproof (date with Stan. We went to Firehouse Subs first so I dubbed it a theme night. BTW, I recommend the movie.)

Material ideas for the library & teaching ideas for THA go into their proper places. I even have a folder for my Truth Project notes. Talk about organized. :-)

I taped this up:
Praying for Family
F = faithful & fruitful
A = active in sharing faith & anointed (Am I expecting more of them than is true of me?)
M = moral purity & mates that are Godly
I = insulate (not isolate) from the world, the flesh & the devil. Also integrity.
L = listener, learner, leader (world influencer), lover of God and people
Y = yield rights & expectations (Pr. 13:12) & members of body to righteousness (Ro. 6:19)

I found notes taken of the kids' conversation in the van coming home from TN. It cracked me up all over again to read it.
If I wasn't sitting, I'd wallet slap you.
If I wasn't sitting, I could be laying down.
If I wasn't sitting, I could be reclining at a 90 degree angle.
If I wasn't sitting, I could be in the lotus position atop a termite mound.
No! Cudzu position! Stretch & hold. Climb & lay on everything around you...
Then chew - that's the "cud" part - and spit...
Or do the llama "phtew".
How's that go, Caleb?
Oh, yeah!
Then we passed a Brown Squirrel Furniture Store and broke into a rendition of "Brown Squirrel Shake Your Bushy Tail" in honor of Brother Jeff.

More things to file. Some newspaper clippings to keep.
I do miss photographs. None of those in this pile. But there are some wedding invitations, thank you notes, expired coupons - so that's where they went - and hair clips. No, they don't belong here BUT they are in the right room.

Also to keep: An eclectic collection of business cards:
Margaret Davis, ventriloquist from Library Conference at Lake Yale http://www.talkinghand.net/
Creation Ministries http://www.creationontheweb.com/
Maryn Chilson, artist http://www.marynchilson.com/
Fuse Fly: Connecting homeschoolers around the world! http://www.fusefly.com/
Southeastern Powersports and Outdoor EXPO http://www.southeasternpowersportsexpo.com/
(I believe one of my pc's had an issue with that last one because of the word "sex" in the website address...)
HSLDA membership card http://www.hslda.org/
North Florida Pharmacy
Nephew Bryan's Schlumberger card. He's a "Development Technician".
Chamblin Bookmine http://www.chamblinbookmine.com/
FREE No-Risk BJ's 60 Day Trial Membership
Seamark Ranch http://www.seamarkranch.com/
Shady Creek Farm - quality rabbits for sale
Niece Dana's Brownstone Designs card. She's a IIDA Associate.

And how can you know that I'm so totally over being completely organized? I did not alphabetize my business cards. Now that's progress.

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