Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's Within My Heart a Melody...

I sometimes wonder if singing in the church choir is building up any treasure in Heaven because it is so FUN.

I realize that choir is a ministry requiring the work of learning (try sitting in front of the booming basses - some even hitting their correct notes & trying to find the alto part), memorizing and practicing songs (even some you don't like); a service to the church body by leading in worship (the church tags along for our singing to our Audience of One); a sacrifice of time, energy, and emotion plus commitment to be in place every Sunday if possible. As Bro. Scott says, we have a ministry of "being there".

And it is a blessing to be able to be there!

We even have fun practicing. Last night, Big O was subbing for Bro. Scott (on vacation - who said he could go anywhere? :-) ) and reminded us about staggered breathing - not taking a breath when your neighbor breathes, or as I like to define it, "don't breath until you stagger". Then someone on the front row volunteered for a new choir position: the designated "breather". Big O had fun with that one. "What is wrong with the choir? Everyone looks bad except for that one woman. OOOOHHH. She's the designated breather!" LOL!

Song titles can be funny:
"It is Finished" Sunday a.m.
"God is Here" Sunday p.m.
"It's All About the Blood" on Sunday morning
"The Lamb has Overcome" Sunday night

Since we have 2 morning services and sing in both every other Sunday, we are regularly reminded to "be here for the 8:30 service at 9:15".

Fellowship. Song. Laughter. Worshipping the Lord. Hugs.
We share prayer requests and praises then pray for each other.
It's a treasure to me here on earth.

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