Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nearly the 4th

We've had an eventful day.

As of this morning, we have two teenage boys licensed to drive (only a slight Bond inference there). Andrew said the tester told him that his 3-point turn was perfect aside from being performed backwards (homeschooled!). He thinks he lost points because he couldn't verbally explain how to park on a hill or exactly where the parking brake is located. "Down there some where."

Hm. We have only parked in flat places so that was a definite learning gap. Now he knows.

Andrew drove himself to work today - alone for the first time! - and then to our church's College Bible Fellowship cookout. My idea. He is a high school senior but according to the dual enrollment people he's also officially a college student. I figured, he should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Caleb & Rachel returned dirty and smelly from horseback.

They took a bottle of Ms. Cindy's recipe for homemade fly spray with them to try: equal parts water, vinegar & Skin-so-soft. Rachel thought it worked. The horses didn't comment.

Caleb is mowing the grass, rapidly rising thanks to all the rain (over an inch yesterday, 60% chance daily for all the forseeable future according to the weatheman). Stan has been loading storm tossed branches onto the burn pile. That burn pile has been building a long time now. When it's dry enough to burn, it's too dry for a fire. When it's wet enough for a fire, it's too wet to burn. I wonder if we have critters living in it. They would not enjoy a bonfire...

My 3rd endoscopy yielded 2 polyps, one in the esophagus. As usual, I was provided a photograph of one of them. I believe I'll name this one "Polly", create a RIP frame & hang it in the dining room.

Isn't God so good to us?
How many 40 year-olds would have their stomach checked for polyps? I praise Him for bringing me to the point of having some questionable symptoms checked. They were NOTHING but the process brought this potentially deadly condition to light: polyps that would become cancerous if left unharvested. My doctor says I should have an EDG every 2-3 years for the rest of my life.

As I was waiting around for my procedure today, I was QUIETLY singing songs from choir: "I Can See Jesus" high and exalted. My eyes are fixed upon His face. It shines like the sun. , "Thou, O Lord" are a Shield for me, my Glory and the Lifter of my head, "We Shall See Jesus" just as He is, "Psalm 23". Personally, I HATE needles & surgeries & being in hospitals. God blessed me with a time of worship - just the two of us - and helped me to smile and be friendly to the hospital personnel instead of focusing on the needles and smells and surroundings. PTL! He is always with us.

Rachel is reheating leftovers for supper. Roast chicken. Green beans cooked with ham. Baked (actually micro-zapped) potatoes.
Come & get it!

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