Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steak Fingers & Hands-off Cubed Steak Meal

I tried/created a new recipe Tuesday. It received a thumbs up from the household critics so I thought I'd share.

We purchased several packages of terrifically sale priced beef cubed steak the other day so I went online looking for some new ideas that didn't include breading & frying, not that we don't enjoy it this way:

Steak Fingers:
Trim fat & cut cubed steak into aprox. 2 in. strips. Season with salt, pepper & garlic powder then soak (doesn't have to be long) in 1 egg mixed into enough milk to reach top of meat. Dip into self-rising flour seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic powder, shake off excess then fry in hot (350ish) oil. Drain on papertowels.
Grandma C's recipe. It'll make you pat your feet!

I was looking for something that was not so hands-on & with less oil & wound-up with what I'll call "Baked Cubed Steak Meal". Real imaginative, I know.
Trim excess fat and cut cubed steak into serving sizes (no larger than a deck of cards). Brown in smidgen of oil. Layer in greased/sprayed baking dish (I used 9x13): sliced potatoes (8 small) & carrots (4), meat (2 lbs.) with any juices, sprinkling of black pepper, chopped onion (1 small), mushroom soup (2 10 something oz. cans) & water (2 cans). Bake covered at 350 for 1 hour 15 minutes, removing cover for last 15 minutes to thicken "gravy".

Rachel made biscuits (yum!) so I ladled my serving over an open one. We had green beans & watermelon as sides. Buscuits & honey were desert.

Note: Rachel has learned to wait until the boys enjoy & comment on what's she's cooked before telling them that she was the chef. Them: "Ewww, I knew this tasted funny. So that's what's wrong with it." Her, grinning: "Thank you for the compliments! I know you like it!"

I'm considering adding a smattering of garlic powder next time & perhaps frozen mixed veggies instead of the sliced carrots.

I can already hear the guys moaning & groaning, "More veggies, Awwww. Come on, Mom. This is probably GOOD for us. What are you trying to do? Make us healthy?"
Then afterwards, "Thanks, Mom. That was good."

Tee hee hee. My job is secure. :-)

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