Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rock-n-Roll & Rats

Andrew recently purchased a new radio & A/C cover for Sport so that he could replace the stock radio which works sporatically with one containing a CD player. Stan helped show him how it's done complete with back-bending contortionist movements as he climbed under the steering wheel to wedge his head (face up) down by the gas pedal so he could yank wires back into the dash to make room for the radio to fit. Sorry I missed that picture. Trust me, it was a funny sight. Now Andrew has tunes so he can groove all he wants. And with his empowered power windows, he can share with you.

He was thrilled to get a Spurs license plate to hang on Sport's nose the same day the radio cover arrived. He attached it right after opening it then called the grandparents in TX to thank them.

While A & S were completing their installation, Maryn was trying to turn into the driveway. It took longer than usual because of the slow traffic. She was waiting on this large rat snake to cross the road. Smart girl. She knew my guys would be upset if she squashed him - there would be evidence thrashing right there in our driveway and the "not having a SNAKE CROSSING sign" excuse wouldn't justify her. Cries of "murder!" and "snake-killer!" would have filled the air & given her nightmares. Rachel might have cried. Or Andrew. Even though she is not a snake fan, the chastisement would have been hard to bear.

Or maybe she's just nice & knows we like snakes?

Whatever the reason, she waited for him to cross & told the guys about it. Then the hunt was on. Andrew caught the big rat and was only bitten a little. You have to understand that the snake was upset because Stan was holding him down with his boot (isn't that a nice way to say "standing on him" without saying "standing on him"?) otherwise I have no doubt that Andrew would not have been bitten. He is part American Indian, you know (family joke).

The guys estimated that Rat was 4 - 5 feet long. He looked healthy, like he's been doing a good job eating rodents (don't tell Rachel or Maryn because most rodents are small & furry = CUTE). Andrew took him inside to show Jacob (napping in bed - 2 hours of rest the night before, remember?) then released him out back by the fort near our neighbor's jungle but he came back into our yard & curled up under the lawnmower after Stan messed with him a little while & got him to shake his tail and strike at his boot like a rattlesnake wannabe.

He could make mowing the lawn more exciting.
Now you really want to come visit us, don't you? :-)

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Patti said...

That was some snake!!! Still enjoying your blog.

I love you,
Aunt Louise