Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The first hint was when Jacob told me that Maryn had bought an expensive "dressy dress". He explained that her Flo-Arts graduating class had decided that they wanted a prom-type dance rather than the traditional graduation party. Maryn was extra excited because it was on her birthday. Don't they look so PURDY?
Jacob and Maryn June 21, 2008 I, having never been to a prom & knowing that Jacob had not either, asked Maryn what special things might occur at a prom vs. a regular dance. She didn't know because this was her first prom also - she just knew they got to dress up PURDY (please note: these are my words not hers - do not doubt her excellent home plus college educated grammar skills).
Jacob and Maryn June 21, 2008 So I just had to do the prom mom thing & take their PURDY pictures. Ain't 'cha glad?

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luke & wyatt's mom said...

I said, "Don't they look sharp?" Luke says that "Mr. Jacob looks handsome and girls can't look sharp...they have to look 'purdy' and bootiful!"