Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As you may know (let us bow our heads here for a moment of mournful silence) Stan's work schedule has radically changed from his preferred night owl-ness (home by 1 a.m.) to waking-up the sun (gone before 5 a.m. when it its still dark. No, he didn't kick & scream - HE doesn't do that - that's ME you're thinking about.). In recognizing & trying to synchronize the rest of the family to his work-imposed schedule, I've been encouraging the kids to follow my example & go to bed when Stan does.

Hugs & Kisses.

Turn out the house lights.

Instructions to shower & don their P.J.s.

"Don't stay up too late - remember I'm waking you up EARLY."

My goal has been to wake them up between 7 and 8 a.m. You would think they would be grateful for my assistance in helping them to enjoy as many daylight hours as possible during their summer vacation from schooling.

On the contrary, their goal has been to sleep-in for as long as possible.

You will note that this is one way you can tell the difference between a child and a teen. My little children were up and active much earlier in the day than we desired (Stan was on the night-owl shift so WE wanted to sleep-in) and asking for such mundane things as "breakfast".

Now they'd rather just sleep until lunchtime.

I have continued my morning ritual just moved it up a few hours, invoking my mother's right to torture:

Me: "Good morning sweet children. It's time to wake-up."

Them: "GROAN", tug at covers, roll over.

Me: Turn on lights & Turn off fans (Even in the winter. ???) SOMETIMES I even smooch their sleepy faces before they roll to face the wall.

Doesn't that sound like a lovely way to wake up? (Morning dragon breath not considered)

Me: Opening the daily devotional, reading & inquiring: "Who said that & why? What do you think, Caleb? Do you agree, Rachel? Are you listening, Andrew? Are you awake, Jacob?"

Them:"mutter, groan, whine" stretch, wiggle feet, maybe stumble to the bathroom.

Me: Pray for the day. Not really the best way to get them up since they are supposed to close their eyes & be still to pray...

Them: Attempting to pray & sleep without snoring

Me: "Go ahead and get up now, make your beds, read your Bible, get your clothes on"
Then I open the old hymnal and sing to them. If the other stuff hasn't gotten them out of bed, this should. How well does your singer warble at 7:30 a.m.? :-)

At this point, I go shower & eat breakfast (or visit here with you). They drag themselves out of bed and into the living room where they go back to sleep on the couches or chairs. Caleb Rachel
They are easier to smooch here.

On days when he doesn't have to open at work, Jacob attempts to sleep-in. We do our best to get him to join our wakefulness. He took today off work, though, then got up EARLIER than when he rises for work. What is the special occasion?

Jacob left this a.m. before 7 headed to Sarasota to spend a couple of days on vacation with Maryn's family at a resort. Poor kids haven't seen each other for TWO WHOLE DAYS so I know the reunion will be sweet: hearts, rainbows, little flowers falling from the sky...

He is riding Lurch so please remember him in your prayers for his safety today - should be there by noon and his ride home sometime tomorrow. Remember we've been blessed with RAIN - PTL! - so he may be riding through that but Stan picked up a motorcycle rain suit for him yesterday so he won't resemble a wet rat just a rumpled one. Jacob on Lurch, backyard
Yes, he wears a helmet when he rides on the road (so no nagging!) but would you recognize him if I uploaded a photo of him with it on?

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