Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rachel's Wild Ride

When we arrived at horseback Monday, Ms. Cindy told Rachel that she had a new, supposed-to-be-well-trained horse for Rachel to ride to see what he could do, a big, beautiful quarter horse gelding. Callaghan did well as he was groomed and saddled. Ms. Robin & I admired his rippling muscles and sleek coat. Ms. Cindy wanted Rachel to ride in her "arena" so that's where she mounted up. Callaghan started at a walk but his long legs moved quicker and quicker then he broke into a fast gallop. Ms. Cindy said she thinks he went around at least 10 times, dodging barrels, leaning through the corners, seeming to contemplate jumping the fence at a certain spot every go-round. Rachel held on for the ride of her life. We whooped & clapped when Callaghan slowed and stopped at Ms. Cindy in the center of the ring.

I am so proud that Rachel stayed on even though she was scared & didn't bawl like a baby when the ride was over.

After this wild ride, Ms. Cindy found out that Callaghan used to work as a pony horse, accompanying race horses at the track. He also has been used to herd cattle so can stop and change directions quickly.

Caleb likes to ride this ex-race horse thoroughbred named Count.
For a long time, Count was the only horse that Caleb could ride and not look like his boots were almost dragging the ground.
Rachel favorite horse to ride these days is this petite Arabian named Jazz. Here she is bareback to work on proper leg placement and balance.

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