Friday, July 18, 2008

Crew update

4-H project books went to work with Stan & should be dropped off at the Ag Ctr on his way home. Caleb & Rachel heaved sighs of relief. They stayed up (late for us these days) until nearly midnight putting them together. Mom is determined to start those painful things at the beginning of the year instead of waiting until the last moment once again. I believe that is my resolution every year about this time...

We have sun today. I'm hoping the towel & water shoes which I hung on the line July 4 will finally dry & I can bring them inside. :-)
NO, I am not complaining about the RAIN. PTL for the rain!
I'm confessing my poor habits in taking care of laundry left on the line. Now you know why we nearly exclusively use the dryer.

Got Andrew signed up for his dual enrollment classes yesterday. 12 hours total. Karen said that one of the classes is the first interactive class they have had. It uses live cameras set up in a classroom here & at the NW campus. The professor is supposed to be here sometimes but I believe will be in Gville a majority of the time. The class is Intro to Theater which satisfies a humanities requirement. We laughed at its code: "THE 1000" because it sounds like a movie. Jacob is planning to take that class also so they should have fun.

Andrew has been assistant coaching for Upwards Basketball Camp at church this week. He's getting to work with the youngest kids. He enjoys hanging out afterwards and playing ball with the other coaches. I believe they finish-up Saturday a.m.

Jacob got home safely yesterday from his mini vacation with Maryn & her family. He discovered on his way there that his waterproof boots had lost their waterproofness so had soggy socks & prune feet but the riding suit worked pretty well. He rode home with his feet in plastic bags to keep his tootsies dry. In my mind that's a funny picture.

He, Andrew & some friends went to the midnight movie for the first showing of Batman the Dark Knight. I heard Andrew drive up just before Stan's alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. Jacob arrived a little while after that (he had to take Maryn home - Andrew said she was wearing a helmet so don't worry.). I was kind and let everyone sleep in until 9:30. Everyone but Jacob, who had to open at work today - out of the house just after 7:30 a.m. I arose before he did so saw him off. He told me he had gotten 2 hours sleep. Do YOU think I felt sorry for him?
Do you?

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