Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just the Girls

Stan & Jacob are at work. Caleb & Andrew spent the night with friends and plan to hang-out there until church tonight. Rachel & I have been having a nice "girls day".

We discussed painting her bedroom and how we could arrange things so she can live there while we are working on it. We looked at her horse pictures to see which would look best as part of a boarder. We discussed personal styles & preferences.

In my room stretched out on my bed, we looked at some needle work & discussed some plans for a 4-H sewing project. No, we did not do our HAIR or NAILS. :-)

Rachel & I just got to vocabulary level 40 at and donated 1300 grains of rice. We liked that the site will pronounce the words. We wished they used correct words in a sentence! Rachel's favorite new word was chamfron.
Not familiar with it? Don't feel badly. The spell check doesn't know it either!

She went and made microwave fudge with almost no assistance.
"Mom, what is evaporated milk?"
"It's milk with part of the water removed. Look for a can in the pantry."
"Is this it?"
"No, Sweetie, that's sweetened condensed milk. It has sugar in it. See?"
She returns with the proper can. Success!
She reads the instructions. She gets out all the ingredients, measuring by herself. She butters the dish. She weighs-out one pound of confectioners sugar and sifts it with the cocoa. She stirs and spreads into the pan then cooks. The micro-zapped fudged goes into the fridge to cool. I'm looking forward to sampling some. Come on over for a bite!

Gotta go help her with some Spanish now.


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