Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Reason to Vote

If you have ever chosen NOT to vote because one choice seemed as good (or bad) as the other, or have voted with the mindset of voting against something/someone, I am excited to actually have someone to vote for.

This video appears to me to have been recorded as part of a commissioning, graduation or recognition program at Wasilla Assembly of God , occurring well before Governor Palin was contacted by Senator McCain about running as VP:
Sarah Palin speaking.
Warning: The quality is not very good.
Warning #2: The heart attitude brought tears to my eyes. If your heart breaks for our country, you may want to get a hanky before watching. "Lord, turn the hearts of the people back to You & protect Your children."

While I was not wholeheartedly behind McCain, expecting to be voting against platforms rather than for someone, I can say that I am for this team.
>I have added this link to my listing awa the Vocabulary Free Rice link.

Here's another interesting site with (as you may notice by the name!) election articles:

Gotta run.
I'll fill you in on yesterday's mtg & Sunday's Truth Project segment asap. In the meantime, consider the questions:
Who is man?
Why is there evil in the world?
What is evil?

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luke and wyatt's mom said...

Thanks for sharing that, Patti! What a blessing to see someone in government stand up and declare the Name of the Lord without shame! I am encouraged! (I am voting for McCain/Palin too!)