Monday, September 8, 2008

The Price of a Picnic

Have you ever done something & just known in the back of your mind that you shouldn't but didn't take the time to make it right?

That describes me NOT applying sunscreen while at the Titus 2 Home School Group sponsored picnic at Camp Good News on Saturday. I planned not to be in the sun for very long - it really wasn't all that long. I planned to keep a Tshirt on while swimming. I even brought my sunscreen - just left it in the bottle. I had a super time at the picnic. The weather was beautiful. There were fun activities, good food,
nice people, no major injuries - everything you could ask for. The water was GREAT. And I guess I stayed in for too long...
Now I am paying the price. Owie! Sunburn City. Not pretty. Not fun.

Reminds me of sin & consequences. If we felt the pain of the consequence BEFORE committing the sin, wouldn't we be much less likely to commit that sin?


I've had sunburns before & knew what was necessary to prevent this outcome. I just didn't "flee" that temptation.

Next time: RUN! Resist! Step away! Remember the pain!
Here's more picnic photos:

When we started coming here several years ago, my guys & the Freeman boys started this game called the peaceful hermits. Strange name for "king of the dock". The peaceful hermits were "friends". If you weren't one then you got pushed, thrown or bumped off the dock.

I believe this year it was mainly a family thing with just about all the other kids facing off against my 2 biggest guys along with gutsy Rachel & changing "teams" or sitting out periodically.
There were occasional questions: "Are you okay?" "Ready to go again?" But mostly just a lot of grunting and happy screams (is that an oxymoron?).
They acted like they enjoyed having Jacob throw them off. He was sure sore yesterday. Plus he had some major scratches bestowed by one boy who had long nails.
Andrew found some fellow sports-a-holics with whom to toss a football & shoot some hoops.Rachel had some friends to hang-out with also.

Everyone enjoyed the water slide. I just realized I have no good photos of Caleb - most were on the water slide & he goes so fast they were all very blurry.

That's all I have for now. We have a big day today with our first home school support group meeting of the year which is always a bit crazy. If I get too busy to post about it right away, feel free to ask me how it went but please, please, no hugs.

Remember: Suncreen is your friend.

Time to apply more green goo.

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Alice said...

Thank the good Lord for green goo :)