Saturday, September 27, 2008

But we don't handle snakes...

Dan the Animal Man provided a Christian view of creation on Wednesday night: "Creatures glorify God by doing what they are designed to do very well." He brought four live, wild ("these animals do NOT live in my house")& unique animals from all over the world, pointing out some of the special physical features God designed for their survival in the environment for which He created them. Link to Dan Breeding's Wild Animal Encounters. Link to Creatures of Creation.

I was so upset that I forgot my camera! But Alice had a much better seat (not to mention CAMERA) so here you have it:

I found this slideshow featuring Dan on Youtube.

What touched my heart the most as I listened to Dan glorify God's perfect design and creativity in animals awa in people, was Dan's own testimony: "I am the product of a failed forced abortion attempt using animal steroids >irony!< in a vet clinic before Roe v. Wade. At that time one in ten failed." PTL for that "failure"!

Praise the Lord for His marvelous works! For this life that seeks to glorify Him through His creation. For having His Hand of protection on Dan from the beginning. Oh Lord, protect all the unborn humans for they are precious in Your sight. Change the abortion permissive laws in this country. Open the eyes of the providers of death so they will mourn over what their hands have done. Forgive our land for allowing the slaughter.

And thank you for the Dan encounter.

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Alice said...

I loved the slide show - thanks for finding it :)
And, thanks for giving a link to my page :) anytime :)