Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jeremy's Unfinished Ride

On Wednesday Stan told me that two police cars, lights flashing, sped past him as he was driving home. When he caught up to them he saw that they were working an accident, that a truck had hit two bicyclists. He said one was standing and the other was sitting up. We were glad no one died & prayed for those involved.

Today he showed me a newspaper clipping containing the rest of the story:
Bicyclist Hit While Completing Charity Ride
Article from their local paper

Stan Bippus and his nephew Jeremy Winkelman, who has cerebal palsy, had ridden all the way from San Diego, leaving there on Easter. They were one day away from reaching their St. Augustine goal for a trip totaling 3,100 miles.

The paper said Stan B. is in the hospital & as of Thursday, in critical condition.

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