Thursday, September 10, 2009

Warning: Guard Snake on Duty

Andrew took Slick out of his tank the other day.
It's been months since he's been out.

The reason is because Slick is so curious and active. He alertly keeps his eyes on movement inside and outside his tank.

It takes a lot of nerve to grab a snake who is warily watching you, moving toward your hands to investigate, potentially ready to strike.

A bite from this 4.5 ft. yellow rat would hurt, most likely even break the skin but we know he probably would NOT bite. This we tell our pounding heart.

Slick did well for Andrew so I took a turn too. And Slick only opened his mouth enough to stick his tongue out at us. :-)


Alice said...

yeah, i would have lost it when he stuck his tongue out - that would have been enough for me- lol! where's my gun and rat shot??? just kidding - sort'a

Patti said...

Thanks for the reply Alice. Sometimes I believe I post for you alone.
Great to see you last night!

Kimarie said...

Hi, Patti - send me an email through my contact from my site - perhaps we could connect on FB?