Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Government Class

At the beginning of this first Government class, Mr. Cook reminded us how banks teach their tellers to recognize counterfeit money. Do you know? By handling real money, becoming so familiar with it that the fakers just shout out: I am not the real thing!

What exactly does that have to do with government you may ask? Simple. When you know the truth, you can spot falsehood. Knowing your Bible enables you to discern doctrinal lies. Knowing the foundations of our country and studying the constitution & other foundational documents helps us recognize how our government was designed to run. We will see if it still maintains that original scriptural-based model. I expect you already know the answer.

After speeding through the history of law and following the Roman and English roads through the Magna Carta, Model Parliament, Petition of Rights, Glorious Revolution, English Bill of Rights, House of Burgesses, the Mayflower Compact and the Great Awakening brought us to the Declaration of Independence and formation of a Federal Democratic Republic, Mr. Cook gave us a break then expounded on political parties so that the group could form parties in order to convene a nominating convention at our next meeting.

Dads were encouraged to seek the highest office and since as Christians we all have the same core values on the heavy issues, to base party platform planks on creating a new national holiday, an ethnically themed snack, creating a homework policy and answer the testing question: do we have them and how many?

The room buzzed with around 30 voices offering opinions and suggestions.
Final tally: 3 parties.
Mr. Stanley & Mr. Stallings heading up the Freedom Ice Cream Party
Mr. Thompson & Mr. Handley running under the Patriotic Pizza Party Phlag
and Mr. Geiger, as the Third Party (the name they chose) candidate

Sorry to say I forgot my camera, BUT
we participated in this class in 2005 too.


Alice said...

just look at your young'uns - all cute and little :O)

Patti said...

sigh. oh yes.

Anne Cook said...

Wow, "old" picture! Amazing how everyone has changed so much!