Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scratching Along, Library part 2

Work needed, in no specific order:
Sort materials > started by other folks there & continued by us.
Input media info into the program > currently my baby.
Process for check out > all hands welcome.

Another item important to a guy in charge was for books to be on the shelves (the donor may want a photo) so some of the organizers made use of the available space - and notice two round library tables with chairs!
A homeschooing benefit is being able to take school with us wherever we go. Here my favorite two students are flying through their work, completing all they brought in under two hours. Amazing!

And beneficial:
Instant volunteer labor for me!
They went to work sorting, stamping and attaching spine labels.

They only whined complained a little.

And the next time we came, they brought more school work to do. :-)

Don't all those books on the shelves look good?
They'll look even better when they're ready to check out.
The ones on the cart are in the pc.

See the desk near the front? That's the official librarian post. I'm still happy losing everything on this long table though. It's a good work site.

I plan to share up-to-date photos after our next visit.

So don't get yer knickers in a knot, Peggy! :-)

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