Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mo' Scratchin'

I know I just blogged about this but if you can't scroll there from here, here is what this library looked like to begin with.

So my wonderful volunteers worked with me again today then my best friend came to check out how the shelves are acquiring books

and to give us a ride home.

As of today there are over 600 books input & around 400 on the shelves.

I like it when a plan comes together. :-)


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Have you been watching "the A-Team?" ("I love it when a plan comes together.") Your library is looking beautiful! I worked on one in Nantucket-only it was about 1/4 this size and still took two of us about a month to get it together! I can't wait to see the finished product :)

Patti said...

Only watched the A Team years ago but love that slogan!
I'm thrilled with the space to work in & new shelves, tables, bookends & chairs. What I didn't show (much - you can see part of it behind the kids) is all the boxes & piles of books pushed to the back of the room. It does take time!
Thanks for the comment.