Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Library from Donated Scratch

Well over a year ago, I told a friend who works for a non-profit that I would be happy to help with the setting up of their library. They had many donated books, a computer & a room plus a company had promised to provide shelving but had yet to do so.

So we waited.

This summer someone (else I believe) donated those shelves! My friend told me they would put them together & then I could come work.
My first sight of the library. Look at all the welcoming space!

See the various boxes and piles of books? Wouldn't it be fantastic if there were some organization inherent in that apparent disarray?

Wonderful idea? Yes!
Reality? Not so much.

See my friend peeping over the wall? She was concerned that I'd scream & run. :-)
She's obviously never seen my children's bedrooms.

Yes. That is on purpose.

Here is the workspace where most of 2 days was spent just getting the bugs out of the programs. I got to experience the amazing remote computer controller as the software tech guy ("Hmm. That's not supposed to do that...") investigated the problem while I worked on organizing some books.

Him: "Mutter, mutter, mutter"
Me, phone in one hand to ear; mind, eyes & other hand on books, "Did you say something to me?"

Great fun.
You should try it sometime.


Alice said...

so, do we get to see pictures of the completed library when you're done? looks like a loooot of organizing and work - well worth it, i'm sure! :O)

Patti said...

I plan to show it when it's done plus some steps along the way.