Friday, September 18, 2009

Jump In

I figured that with as busy as our summer turned out to be, that life would slow down some with the arrival of official school days. Surely it has, right?


One new thing on my agenda is for me alone. Sound selfish?

With the grace of God, everyone around me should benefit as He (Lord willing) works to mold me into the likeness of His precious Son. That is my prayer. Yours too? Fantastic!

That one new thing?
It's a returning thing for me: Bible Study Fellowship!

Never heard of it? It's been around for YEARS. 50 years is being celebrated with a gala in it's headquarters city of San Antonio in November.

Members meet weekly during the school year for music, lecture and a small group discussion then take home a packet with notes and questions aimed at the Bible study passages to be completed prior to the next meeting. If you don't write down your answers to the questions (in the tiny spaces provided) you may not comment during small group time. Incentive for talkers like me! :-)
Members are not allowed to use study materials other than their Bibles. We are not allowed to discuss our churches, politics or negative family matters in meetings; our focus is to be on the Word & the Lord.
Here's a site link.

I was in for parts of 3 years while dealing with babies & Stan's changeable work schedule in San Antonio: Genesis, Israel and the minor prophets & the life & letters of Paul.

Now I'm in a group, carpooling to the mtgs with some church friends & excited about the study of the gospel of John plus (new this year) First John. And next year they start a brand new study of Isaiah which will make it an eight year rotation rather than seven. What a great way to celebrate a 50th birthday.

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