Friday, May 2, 2008

Not Quite Murphy

We've had an interesting morning.
Stan went to a doctor's appointment. GOOD
He took the 450. SORTA GOOD
He forgot we had new insurance so had to go back & fix things. SORTA BAD
Caleb turned on the sprinkler in the front yard. GOOD
Andrew drove to ACE to work today (with me in the passenger seat). GOOD
Just as we were about to park, steam started pouring from the hood. BAD
We opened the hood & saw everything was wet with water/antifreeze (not OIL). GOOD
We didn't see what was broken. BAD
I wanted my wonderful mechanic STAN. GOOD
& BAD (Where was he?)
Then he walked around the corner. VERY GOOD
He found the problem. GOOD
He got the part & more antifreeze & fixed it in less than an hour! VERY GOOD
I drove home without any trouble. GOOD
I noticed the sprinkler spray was hitting the front door. BAD
Upon further inspection I realized water had come into the house under the door and flooded the new wood laminate flooring that Stan & Caleb had installed. VERY BAD

Stan got home. GOOD
We realized water was under the flooring so we'd have to pull it up. VERY BAD
Stan got started pulling the quarter round. GOOD
Caleb & I worked on the quarter round so Stan could eat lunch. GOOD
Caleb & I pulled the flooring - only 6 panels deep were wet. VERY GOOD
Stan went to work. GOOD
Fans are now blowing to dry off the water barrier & padding. GOOD
The Paneling is drying outside. GOOD
How easy will it be to re-install? UNKNOWN

Bakers Dozen of Blessings:
1.We have insurance & a doctor in town.
2.We have more than one mode of transportation.
3.Andrew has a job.
4.The radiator hose didn't blow until we were almost parked.
5.We have an autoparts store in town.
6.Stan was still in town & came to Ace!
7.Stan could fix the problem quickly & with the tools on hand.
8.We noticed the foyer flood quickly.
9.No one got angry.
10.We worked well together.
11.We now know that we may have problems with water coming under that door.
12.We were able to get the floor apart before it swelled.
13.Stan was still able to go to work on time.

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