Thursday, May 15, 2008

Color Her Sparkly Blue

Maryn came by the house on her way home from class to pick up Jacob. He was SLEEPING (at a time like this?) but cleaned up nicely in a short amount of time. Then they were off to her house so her cousin could help her decide which dress to wear & how to fix her hair. I expect excitement filled the air.
and the
Florida School of the Arts
Artists of a Different Color

May 14 through May 29, 2008

Opening Reception May 14 in the Main Gallery

Maryn's work includes the picture over her right shoulder (which Jacob said was made with clay) as well as the rest of the wall.

These are a couple of her current favorites.

This is a nice rendition of her parents.
Here's her creations at the other end of the wall. Interesting topics!

She was happy to sell a painting to this guy (Jacob said he didn't get a photo of that one) soon after arriving at the reception.
Great job, Maryn!

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