Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Spurs take the Suns in 5
Now onward!
Go Spurs! Beat the Hornets!
Onward on the homefront is registering Caleb & Rachel for next school year's FLVS classes.
They both want Spanish. He wants the first computer class. She wants Language Arts.
I want a summer vacation!
Also onward for 2/3 of the family is going to the FPEA Convention Memorial Day Weekend - almost counts as a vacation. Just registered. I always enjoy the conferences. I'm especially looking forward to the Summit Teen Track for Caleb & Andrew. THEY are NOT looking forward to it. THEY don't yet know they are going!
Another soon occuring project is the Keystone Heights Book Swap & Informational Meeting that will take place at Trinity Baptist from 9-noon on May 16 (yes, happy birthday to me). That night will be Rachel's small birthday sleepover since her Bday is the Monday after.
Here's the bookswap flyer:
Do you have questions about HOME EDUCATION?

Home School Informational Meeting
& Book Swap
Friday, May 16, 2008
9 a.m. to noon
Trinity Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
3716 SE State Road 21 in Keystone Heights

Are you curious about how to begin to home school? Gary Weaver, Florida Parent Educators Association State Chairman and FPEA District 4 Director, and his wife will be present to provide information and help answer questions. Gainesville homeschooling speaker and author, Mardy Freeman will have a materials table set up. Several support group leaders and other experienced homeschoolers will also be on hand.

Those selling can enter at 8 a.m. and can sell/swap with each other before the doors open to shoppers at 9 a.m. Those selling are responsible for their own materials and money. Large round tables with chairs around them will be in place. Sellers may not use more than one table each. RSVP if possible to give us some idea of how many to prepare for. There will be a FREE table. Note: there was an amazing amount of unclaimed free items last year.

Most things related to education are acceptable for sale: curriculum, workbooks, reading & how-to books, supplies (ex. art), furniture (desks, bookcases), games, exercise equipment, movies, computers, educational toys, uniforms (ex. karate, ballet). Arts & crafts are fine.
No garage sale type clothes, toys, dishes, etc.
No live animals in the church.

Parents must keep with them all children too young to shop for themselves unless they are able to sit quietly and watch some videos borrowed from our church library that will be playing in an area prepared for the children. No messy drinks or snacks.

Trinity Baptist Church is located between Melrose and Keystone Heights, 2.5 miles south of Keystone Heights. There is no entrance or sellers fee. Donations toward the church expenses will be appreciated but are not required for participation.
Look for the donation jar.

If you have any questions, please contact Patti at . Please do not call the church as they are providing the facility but are not organizing the event.
Feel free to pass along this event information

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