Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Running the Race

I've gotten to a rest area in this portion of my race.
I'm glad because this month has felt like
a sprint with hurtles.

sprint - focused, energetic moving toward a short-term goal
hurtle - preparing to leap, jumping out of that comfort zone and landing successfully

It started off with a break (not a leg- PTL!): One class final for Andrew on May 1 then no more college taxi driving for mom (sing: Woohoo! More hours in my day! Woohoo! Enjoy 'cause it won't stay that way!) until it's Caleb's turn because Andrew is shopping for a car.

BTW, Jacob & Andrew

made the Dean's List.

WooHoo! Yea, Kiddos!

Hurtle # 1 was Library Workday: mission accomplished!

Hurtle #2 was the death of a neighbor: ongoing mission. Consider this a marathon with occasional hurtles that began as a sprint with multiple hurtles close together. God is good and faithful and has already BLESSED as only He can through the hard parts.

Hurtle #3 was the Book Swap: mission accomplished with ideas for next time!

Hurtle #4 was Rachel's birthday slumber party. This was a FUN JUMP. :-)

Hurtle #5 was representing the library at the MOPS spa day. Also fun. Consider this one a very short hurtle with soft hands. And feet.

Hurtle #6 was the FPEA Convention. AKA a smorgasbord of everything you ever wanted to know about homeschooling/parenting/marriage/curriculum and added goodies shared by over 200 experts in less than 48 hours. That'll bless ya!

Hurtle #7 was getting my house ready for COMPANY. I really need to take a picture...

Hurray! My in-laws are here!

Now I can rest awhile and enjoy them.

Don't worry. I've got some great pictures to share. I'll give you the whole scoop about the good stuff later. Make that a double-decker scoop. All this running has made me hungry.

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