Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ever feel BLONDE?

Rachel really had me laughing.

She is in charge of meal clean-up this month. After lunch today while doing the dishes, she plotted to play a trick on one of her unsuspecting housemates. (I'm sure she was thinking of one of her brothers, not me, her most favorite mommy. Well, maybe not!) She wrapped a rubberband around the kitchen sink spray nozzle, holding the handle down.

Did she watch everyone who went into the kitchen wondering "are they going to turn on the faucet and get soaked?" TeeHeeHee!

Then, the squirrel baby made a wet mess and Rachel hurried to wash her hands...

She had a true "sheepish" face and smile. We had a good laugh. I could certainly relate! It made me wonder if forgetfulness might be inherited. What do you think?

Ever have trouble finding car keys? I never do since they are kept in my purse. The only time I have trouble is when they've sunk to the murky depths, however...

I let Jacob use my car the other Wednesday morning so gave him my keychain Tuesday night. Then Caleb asked for them that afternoon so he could get into the garage. Later, I noticed my purse was open and the keys were gone so I began questioning and searching. Did I get them back from Jacob? Well, I remember he waved them in my face and I told him to put them into my purse. Did Caleb still have them? When he asked to use them I had reminded him where they were and he is usually good about returning things. Did he ever actually get into the garage?

I scanned Jacob's room & Caleb's (since neither were home at the time) plus the kitchen bar which seems to accumulate articles like a giant junk magnet. I then searched my bathroom tray (a close relative to the kitchen bar) but did not find my keys. No one home had seen them. What to do?

I grabbed Stan's extra car keys so I could get to church & planned out how I'd get into the library (since that key is on my keychain) as well as how to get back into the house after church since you know where my housekey is. I knew it would all work out somehow and surely my keys would turn up when the boys got home. Right?

At this point, after I had searched and racked my brain and given up and came up with plan B, I sat down at my computer and saw before my eyes my keychain, the attached thumb drive plugged in to the USB port so that I could save & take to church & print out the flyer I'd just designed...

Who left my purse open? ME

Who plugged in the thumb drive? Guilty!

How could I have possibly forgotten what I had just done and spent all that time looking? AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Well, at least I wasn't WET!

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