Friday, May 30, 2008

Maryn is Headlining Again

This was in yesterday's Lake Region Monitor. The paper version had a photo of Maryn awa the drawing of her parents that I showed you in "Color her Sparkly Blue". The article states that she went to KHHS but she was homeschooled; Grace Christian School is a 617 school which is basically a home education "umbrella".

I copy/pasted because I'm not sure how long this link will be good.

Lake Region student
is Visual Artist of Year at FLOArts

By: Virginia Daugherty, Monitor Staff Writer
May 29, 2008

Local artist Maryn Chilson, 19, is currently attending the Florida School of the Arts. She graduates in June, with a Visual Artist of the Year award and will exhibit her work at the FLOArts Main Gallery. The show, entitled "Artists of a Different Color," ran during May.
Chilson attended Community Christian School, Grace Christian School, Keystone Heights High School and St. Johns Community College. She took private lessons with KHES instructor Gayle Bone and Connie Shannon, a well-known artist from Ocala. On her way to becoming an artist, Chilson has held jobs cashiering at Bryans Ace Hardware, and at Lake Swan Camp working housekeeping, helping in the kitchen and being a cashier.
She said she enjoys working in different media including oils, pastels, ink, charcoal, acrylics, and colored pencil. She has done abstracts, still life, portraits and figure studies.Locally, Chilson painted murals in youth rooms at Trinity Baptist Church, including sillouettes in the youth cafe. She also painted a street sign for Friendship Baptist Church.
Chilson said, "I enjoy painting, it helps get the emotions out."
The young artist said she has always been interested in art. She started drawing her favorite cartoons as a young child and then moved on to portraits. She credits her parent's participation as one of the things that kept her going. Her mother and father set up a studio in their home where she paints, has a desk, easel and her own cabinet space for art supplies.
Chilson received several scholarships and grants including bright futures scholarships, a Pell grant and a FLOArts talent scholarship. She said her immediate plans were to contact galleries this summer to get her artwork displayed. Chilson said she would like to do commissioned portraits using photographs.
Susan and Roger Chilson said they love the fact that she wants to be an artist, and are proud of her.
Chilson's dream is to one day have a gallery with a cousin who is also an artist, and teach art to children and adults.

We took Stan's folks to the gallery yesterday & I took a few more pictures. These two were right by the entrance; anyone entering could not miss them. Maryn said they are a couple of her favorites so they are NOT FOR SALE.

I thought these three were strange. She said they were an assignment. The girl with feathers is the one "SOLD".
What a talented young lady. Did I mention that she also plays piano?

We were glad to see her work on display and impressed with the range of her talent. Visiting the gallery was still a bit of a challenge though, as Maryn's classmates did not all chose such well clad figures for their subject matter. Caleb was with us and got to examine the carpet a good bit. Don't catch my drift? Then let me quote Chonda Pierce. "They were nekked, nekked, NEKKED!"

Ah, yes. Now I remember why we don't frequent art museums!

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Alice said...

Maryn is quite the artist :) I know you guys are very proud of her! The article was good.