Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book Swap

Why do we call it a book "swap" when we usually "sell" or "give" to each other rather than "trade"? I thought our 3rd annual Keystone Heights Home School Book Swap & Informational Meeting on May 16 (Yes, it was happy, thank you. It was the 5th anniversary of my 39th.) went very well.
We had approximately 25 people selling stuff (& perhaps buying also - I know I did both) and I'm uncertain how many came just to shop. Some came just to drop materials off at the FREE TABLE. I don't know how popular that was for the shoppers but the sellers seemed to like it a lot!
Gary Weaver came to help those wanting home school information. He said only one person came for that reason but that it was worth having for just the one (sounds like something my pastor might say). I had the HSLDA DVD containing basic home education info (will be available soon in the library) set-up for viewing. Gary's job was to add that Florida flavor aka "explain what you have to do to abide by the law if homeschooling in this state."
Mardy Freeman had a table in the corner. I really expected her to be swamped nearly all the time but she seemed to manage the ebb & flow with no problem.
My friend, Alice, was the most fun. She brought a bunch of things and took a picture of it all. She took pictures all during the "shopping hours" (you must say that in a store announcers voice or it just won't sound right). Just before noon she came over to a couple of us saying that she only had two items left & was going to put them on her table to get a picture of the last remaining items. She just had to get rid of those too! She was almost giddy. One she donated to the library. I believe it was the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling (available for check-out soon). I'm not sure about the other but her thrill at the prospect of going home with NOTHING that she brought with her without donating the last of the items to the FREE TABLE was PRICELESS.
Rachel & Kali helped out by keeping the movies running for the kids to watch. I thought it worked out quite well having that as an activity for the youngin's who were tired of sittin' & not interested in anymore shopping. I tried to put the moms who I expected to have several children with them in close proximity. I know homeschoolers NEVER use the TV as a babysitter...

I accomplished several objectives:

  1. Left with fewer materials than I arrived with.
  2. Actually made some money.
  3. Saw some friends (but didn't get to visit nearly enough.)
  4. Provided an opportunity for those interested in homeschooling to get information.
  5. Left the fellowship hall looking as good (or better) than it was when we arrived. Thank you soooooo much Peggy, Angie, Draven, Eades & some other people who I just met that day.

Things to do differently next time:

  1. Find a better way to advertise to those interested in home education.
  2. Advertise in the paper & church bulletin several weeks in a row before the mtg instead of just once 3 weeks before - I thought they'd carry it through!
  3. Do it with a committee!
  4. Have a better set-up for people to sign-up for things; better count.
  5. Not have Rachel's slumber party on the same day!

Things that worked out well:

  1. Great set-up thanks to the baccalaureate occurring that next Sunday.
  2. It seemed to work well having it on a Friday.
  3. It worked well sending info through our area FPEA district directors.
  4. Donation jar for the church held over $40 to help pay for the blessing of A/C.
  5. Parking & folks finding us seemed to work well.

What do you think? If you attended & want to comment on the book swap, I'd love to hear what you have to say.


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Alice said...

I think your review was great! And, I came home with one book - which we will use after all with our American Govt study. Thanks for all the hard work setting it up :)