Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's That?

It happened again last night.

I was just settling down to sleep when I heard a noise in my room.

One side of my brain (logical & practical) told the other to just ignore it - it was nothing major so just go to sleep. Sleeeeeep. Warm. Comfy. Relaaaaaax.

The other louder, more persistent & nervous side said, "There it is again!"

Logical said, "Stan is already snoring so DON'T WAKE HIM UP! You know he has to get up in the middle of the night so NO clutching his shoulder asking "Did you hear that?!""

Nervous said, "What could it be?"

Logical: The fan is not on, nor the heat blowing so not that.
The dog is in her kennel.
The kids are in bed.
The sound is not moving around the room.

Nervous recalled the noisy scamper of the flying squirrel who had escaped from the shoebox scurrying around on the floor that one time, the sound of snake slithers a couple of times when we had escapees from the reptile house in Andrew & Caleb's room. I don't think Terry the Tarantula could have walked this far without being noticed.
There was the half-dead moth in the trash can. The trapped cricket. Too many spiders to count-"There it is again!"

Logical did the orienteering. "It's coming from the desk. It sounds like plastic - a plastic bag? Is there one over there? Why don't we just settle down and go to sleep?
Oh, never mind. I'm wide awake now too."

So I (both sides of the brain finally in agreement) roll waaaaay over -nice big bed but whew-wie it's cold on the edge - and grab a flashlight. When I turned it on, there was that rustle-y noise again so I ruled out intelligent wildlife which usually stills at light - see I've done this a time or two.

Rounding the bed and focusing on the desk, I recall that just before bed, Stan closed the bottom drawer which had been left open when someone had been scrounging an envelope. The drawer had slightly pushed over a sack of to-be-processed library books.

Which were, gravity still working, ever so slooooooowly falling over.

So with a rather louder repeat of that noise, I straightened the stack & went back to bed.

"Told ya."

"Oh, go to sleep."


daynagonzalez said...

Now don't you feel silly. :o) I tagged you!! :o)

Alice said...

that's so funny! sounds like something I'd do, except I usually attribute any noises to the bunny that lives in my bedroom :O). if she ever dies, I'm in trouble.