Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The End of the Trail

These photos were made on President's Day as we rode a portion of the Rails to Trails - Fed & state $ turning unused train track paths into non-motor vehicle, paved (so no horses - bummer) walking or biking trails that will eventually link several cities towns together.

Rachel reminded Stan that he'd PROMISED that he'd take her bike riding on the trails, just hadn't specified WHEN, SO Stan decided it would be a good day for it. He had just finished oiling, pumping tires & tightening nuts on four bikes when Jacob called & asked if he & Maryn could meet us & ride too. Stan got two more bikes in working order, loaded them all into his truck bed then drove them to a trail access point.
This was my view most of the time > behind the kids.

Are you missing Andrew? Me too. Although his bike was there, he was working on this beautiful day. PTL for beautiful days & JOBS.

*Be impressed with these photos as most were taken while I was peddling, maintaining balance & not running into any persons or wildlife. Oh, and most importantly, not dropping my camera!

Notice the CamelBaks that Caleb & Rachel got for scouting & horseback. Quite useful for hands-free sippage. The kids entertained with some hands-free riding as well. And no crashes! Yeah!

Maryn, smiling for her photo op. Check out the jeans she's decorated. Yes. She WILL be famous one day.

Here's my handsome & talented mechanic hunk. :-)Without his skill, no bikes would have been ridden by this group today.
We decided not to ride too far since we were not used to riding AT ALL. The end of the trail arrived at just the right time; no sore muscles nor sunburn. Eventually the path will continue beyond this point - we could see the non-paved portion but resisted the temptation to rough it. I know several contemplated it - but I was not one of them. :-)

Then we headed back.


Herb said...

Which rail-trail is this? It looks a little like the Withlacoochee State Trail, but I don't recognize it.

Khakismum said...

Oh, I'm envious of that trail. We have some nearby but we have yet to explore them. Might have to with the weather getting nicer up here.

Patti said...

This portion is along highway 100. We hope to ride more of it another day.