Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Actually, I keep thinking of it as Cross Walk.
So stop looking at me like that!

You may have noticed the Stoplight link on my side bar - but have you visited the site? It features short pro-family videos produced by Focus on the Family that emphasize the irony and ludicrousness going on in the world, addressing issues in political, corporate, judicial, religious, scientific arenas - I'm sure I missed some.

The most recent is described this way:
It took him awhile, but Stoplight® host Stuart Shepard finally found a way to put the Democrats' economic stimulus plan into perspective. The title is "All the Money in the World".

Also enlightening was "Charitable Thoughts" which compares the ways people give: Republican vs. Democrat.

One of my all time favorites was posted Christmas 2007. You might remember "Merry Tossmas!" which Stuart revisited in 2008.

On the citizenlink sidebar (where Stoplight shows up) you will also find Turn Signal & Focus Action Update which contain other informative videos on topics of interest to the pro-family crowd.

Something new to Stoplight (yes, I almost wrote "Crosswalk". grrrr. STOP LAUGHING.) is their Twitter, Facebook & Myspace presence & availability. Check it out!

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