Thursday, December 18, 2008

Those pictures I promised

This was not made at Thanksgiving but at Mom's previous visit. I thought you'd like to see her holding Caleb's tarantula, Terry.

Rachel said, "Grandma's braver than I am!"

The boys said, "Grandma's a BEAST."
And, yes, that is a compliment. :-)

Yes, I did & I have photos to prove it. Check my current Facebook ID photo if you don't believe me.

No, that's not my mom - it's me - but Mom took the photo stating, "You usually take the pictures so don't get many with you in them." I thought that I actually looked reasonably slim in this photo so decided to share it with you.

I pulled out the Christmas decorations (make that, I asked Stan to do it so he grabbed the kids & THEY brought in the boxes, bins and the huge plastic trash can which holds most of the tree) after recovering a bit from our (Mom & I) venture to Wallyworld's Black Friday experience. I knew Mom didn't usually decorate at home so wanted her to have the opportunity. Discovered she doesn't decorate because she REALLY doesn't like to, so I stopped & didn't finish until after she headed home.
One of the other things she doesn't do at home is pluck tangerines from a tree in her yard so I let her grab a couple of mine even though they were not quite ripe enough. Hopefully they were sweet for her.

On the third photo, Mom FINALLY really smiled, looking like she was actually enjoying getting jostled around by her favorite Florida grandkids squeezed up in front of the Christmas tree assembled & decorated entirely (at this point) by Stan, Caleb & Rachel (good job you guys!). Yes, that is an armadillo.
But you may notice that Rachel decided to sleep for this shot so I included another in which she is awake.
She may want to thank me for inserting THIS one instead of the one in which she has crossed her eyes . On purpose.

Yes, she definitely is MY daughter. :-)

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