Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa, Do you know the real meaning of Christmas?

I now have no, count'em: ZERO, children in the children's program at church.
No one in AWANA, Children's Church nor children's choir plus I am not teaching in any of those areas (although the arms of the library do encircle all the church ministries...) so WHY am I devoting a whole blog to our latest children's Christmas musical?
Two reasons.
1. Maryn drew & led the paint crusade creating the backdrops.
2. I really liked it!
The backdrops were constructed on thin sheets of Styrofoam. Panels had to be pieced to make them as long as desired and were painted on both sides to provide a scene change.

"God's Gift for Santa" written by Gene Hodges (our pastor's wife's dad) begins with school kids excited to be out of school, looking forward to gifts and the school program that night then distressed to discover that the guy enlisted to portray Santa is too sick to come SO one of the girls asks her father if he will be their Santa. His answer after a fun choir/dad duet? "Maybe!"
We learn that even the dad, who "doesn't believe like you do", understands that there is more to Christmas than just getting stuff.
During the scene change, the preschool choir sang several songs with hand motions. Don't 'cha just love the angel costumes? So CUTE!
The panels were hanging from wires which enabled them to be turned without falling over & squashing those little angels. That would'a been a sight, huh? My Andrew is back there doing some of that panel pivoting.
This scene is at the Christmas party where the dad shows up as Santa. His "daughter" tells him what she really wants for Christmas while singing "Santa, Do you know the real meaning of Christmas?"
As you can see, on the far left is the nativity scene. Those kids carried in a real, live, not to mention CUTE & well behaved baby. Wowzer! Great gospel message shown: Santa at the manger.
I thought the kids & their leaders did a great job. Oh, & Gary (Santa) too.
And Maryn with her painting posse, of course.

Do YOU know the real meaning of Christmas? Here it is in one verse: For God so loved the world (that's us) that He gave (1st Christmas present) His only begotten Son (Jesus) that whosoever (us again!) believes in Him (Jesus) shall not perish but have everlasting life (starting NOW!). John 3:16
He is the Greatest Gift ever given! Merry Christmas!

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luke and wyatt's mom said...

Did anyone film the program? (I was home sick that whole day) The sets look wonderful-Great Job Maryn! (What are you doing for Easter...?) :)