Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Caleb's First BSA Campout

Here's my fine young man in his new uniform - thanks to Cindy for sewing on the patches in the right places!

This was Stan's first Boy Scout campout too.

We had bought a huge tent & started doing the family camping thing just a few months before he was offered the job in FL. Picture suburbites venturing out into God's beautiful creation with 4 kids ages 8 and younger - we hung Rachel from a tree limb in her bouncer > bouncing on our cooler. I wish I had a video. It was so funny working together on that tent with poles falling down & trying to figure out where everything went while keeping all the sides up.

When we visited that campground at Guadalupe State Park on our 2006 visit to TX, the older boys were able to pick out the site where we camped. Guess we made some memories.

Here's all their stuff. They are obviously not camping at the end of a long hike over treacherous terrain. I believe that the kitchen sink is somewhere in that bin.

Campsite looks pretty good.

Building a gateway to campsite.

The finished gateway.

Troops in the gate.

What's a campout without dogs?

Also on the menu: sloppy joes with corn, pancakes and sausage, spaghetti.

One of the knot tying competitions:
Build an A-frame from one diagonal lashing and two square lashings then two people carry one person past a cone then carry them back to where they began and untie all the knots.

Here Caleb & Grayson carry Adam. They came in 2nd out of 8 teams.

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