Monday, December 29, 2008

The Engagement Story

because you know there just has to be one.

First a note:

I find it interesting that I've gotten more comments on becoming a MIL (mother-in-law) rather than my being MOG (mother-of the -groom), perhaps because one will be a new position for me while the other I've been, well, all his life, although the groom part will be new when that occasion eventually occurs.

There have been many questions which I will attempt to answer.

1. Yes, we've been having a wonderful visit with Stan's folks. They get to stay until Thursday a.m.
>>>> A cool factoid that I'm not sure even the newly-engaged realized: The proposal occurred on M & D Crawford's
58th wedding anniversary.

2. I was holding the camera. Andrew was taking out the trash. Normal conversation was ongoing as no one (else!) knew what was happening. My MIL picked up on it & provided the applause. :-)
3. Yes. The question was "Was it spontaneous or planned?"

4. I'm not privy to those recent discussions but my understanding is that they will wait until his braces are off & they can afford to support themselves. My vote is for a Bachelor's degree for him first. He is also considering the Air Force.
What happened:
Maryn brought her camera to the house wanting some Christmas photos of the 2 lovebirds. What she did not realize was that Jacob had been agonizing over how to properly propose in a way that was unstructured (surprising but not embarrassing her) yet memorable (perfect!) and had determined that doing the deed during a photo shoot just might work. Arrangements had been made with the Mama (ME!) to capture the moment so it could be enjoyed by all - but WHEN to do it? Maryn's desire for pictures provided the perfect opportunity.
Photo one: no ring on that finger yet and she's not been crying.
For what happened next see the Dec. 23 blog.

Once Maryn settled down some, we took more photos. Jacob teased her about keeping that ring visible. He asked her, "Have you been practicing that?"

Rachel had to get in on the action too so here's Jacob with two of his favorite girls.

See the ring?

I told you that he'd looked & looked for the perfect ring: not too big so she can wear it while she paints, white gold or platinum (have you priced that stuff? eek.) with diamond(s) that didn't stick up too high.
Oh, and uh, something he could afford.
He was concerned that she wouldn't like it because it is so small but I reminded him that he could have gotten her a big one with CZs - this one is real. See it perfectly positioned? :-)

Here's the close-up as Erin requested:
"We need some close ups of her ring. =) There are girl cousins who need to see it! I can't believe he is old enough to get married. sniff...sniff..."


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