Friday, December 19, 2008

Out of the Pot & Into the Frying Pan - at Church

The couples Bible Study class (aka Sunday School) I attend decided that for the class Christmas party we'd have a fish fry. Several of the guys were thrilled to go "fishing for the Lord" complete with "fellowshipping with fellow fishermen saints" while "recognizing God's handiwork in His creation". It sounded like they had a great time.
Just as women congregate in the kitchen, when guys cook, it is a group project.
That white building is called the Potter's House & is located behind the church sanctuary. Remodeling as needed, it has been very useful over the years. At some point, it has housed every class except perhaps Senior adults. Currently, our young couples class meets there Sundays & MOPS every other Tuesday. Then there's all the special events such as our party.

Our class is co-led. Lewis Miller, above, in a plumb shirt & wearing a cap, is one of the teachers.
Wearing a blue jacket & standing by the window is the other half of the tag team, Randy Jones.

Several of the class ladies arrived early to decorate and arrange the food.

The party was for the whole family. That is much easier to say than to do. After the proverbial dust settled, Stan & Jacob were at work and Caleb & Rachel were in Orlando at a theme park so Andrew & I served as representatives. More than once I was asked, "where is the rest of your family?"
See Andrew? He's the tall handsome one on the left.

On the menu: fish (of course!), fries, cheese grits, baked beans, slaw - are you hungry yet?

The desert table was in the back. Yummy! Leave some room!

The tables filled up. Another had to be set up to accommodate all the attendees.
I fixed myself a plate then tucked in. Hot, fried fish. Ooooweeee. It'll make you pat your feet.
Good Christian food & fellowship?

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Alice said...

Great post, Patti! I love to read your stuff. It's always funny, informative, and entertaining :O). Much like your family - lol. You guys are the best!