Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, why not?
First an advertisement:
Ben Stein's
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
opens TODAY!
Find a theater:
This documentary explores the conflict taking place in universities and the scientific community between proponents of the theory of evolution & those who are willing to investigate or even mention the possibility of Intelligent Design. Apparently, evolutionists consider the subject closed and will use any means at their disposal to prevent open-minded discussion.
I have been interested in Scientific Creationism for well over 20 years so am excited to see this movie was made and the topic addressed (well, sort of) in hopes that it will produce DISCUSSION in the main stream rather than just in some churches.
Here's a great link to a site that lists many other creationist websites plus provides lots of other information. Very interesting and useful!

Now for more personal stuff:
Stan is staying home from work again today after moving the wrong way & hurting his back yesterday. Please pray for healing & pain relief.
Jacob & Andrew are at school - today's classes: Physical Science (for both), Andrew also has College Algebra & Spanish 2. Jacob goes to work @ 11 & Andrew @3. They've started taking a bicycle with them so Andrew can get around in town when Jacob takes The Beast elsewhere. Andrew is SO looking forward to getting his drivers license & his own vehicle. Jacob is looking forward to a mode of transportation that doesn't eat as much as The Beast. Gas prices are killing him. Stan & I bought a maroon Honda 450 on Tuesday that should help with that but it may be awhile before Jacob can ride it since FL requires him to take a class in order to legally ride a motorcycle on the street. I think Stan may ride it to work first & use it to take the class required on base for him (Stan) to legally ride on base. He (Stan) has already gotten a new helmet since the ones he & I used 20+ years ago are falling apart.
Caleb & Rachel have been doing their homeschool stuff. They've also already gone on a bike ride. They have horseback later today. Rachel has a new pet - a baby squirrel.
I plan to go the the Watson Center for an information workshop on duel enrollment this evening. I know, I know, I've been there & done that with Jacob & (currently) Andrew. However, I've never gone to one of these so expect there will be things to LEARN.
I'll keep you posted!


Danielle said...

Hey, Patti! I'm your first "commentator"!!! Nice job, and I love the pic-- where was it taken, TX?
Love ya,

Patti said...

Hay, thanks Danielle!
Actually, this photo was taken in the Smokey Mountains on our way home from TN in 2006. Jacob complained about Andrew's height, "He's standing on the curb!" but it's pretty accurate now! :-)

Wife and Mom said...

Welcome to Blog World Patti. Can't wait to follow along!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti, It is good to see your site. I look forward to reading what you have to say. I have started a web site as well. What fun this is. It is just glorified e-mail with pictures.