Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bargan Hunting

I just finished reading a (so far) two book series by Sharon Dunn
called A Bargain Hunters Mystery. The books are Death of a Garage Sale Newbie and Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear. Both were quick, fun Christian reading dealing with money attitudes, relationships and that who-done-it mystery waiting to be solved by page 275. Yes, they are going into the library! Of course, their bargain hunting caused me to reminisce about my own...

Last Saturday Rachel & I went shopping at my absolutely favorite place to buy nearly-free clothes & other misc. items. This place puts Wallyworld clearance items to shame price-wise. It even takes the spark out of finding garage sale bargains. $1 for an almost new pair of jeans? Outrageous! Goodwill Store? Preposterous!

The place/event is the Community Church Rummage Sale $1 Bag Day.

On this day, as you might ascertain by the name, one can fill up a paper bag then pay only $1 for everything contained therein. How much can you stuff into one paper bag? Depending on bulk, easily over 10 items - 15, 20, 30. Paying 10 cents or less for each item is quite a thrilling deal!

At this price, I can buy anything and everything that I want. WooHoo! I can buy things for everyone I know. I can be happy about what I spend knowing that the $ is going to a good ministry. I can be thrilled with my inexpensive finds: A skirt in my size that still has the price tag on it, a second pair of boots for Caleb, home school books, Christmas mugs to fill with candy for the 4-H horse club's fundraiser, pantyhose to braid into Easter Pageant costume ties, craft materials, knick knacks. All kinds of things. And if they don't fit the chosen body or decor, I can just donate them to charity or pass them along. No problem-o

Saturday's $2 shopping expedition produced: some craft materials, 2 glass vases, 2 glass containers with lids (one made in Italy), tan skirt (with tags), red skirt, gray dress pants, red shorts, green top & pants set, 4 nice shirts, 2 shirts & a half slip for Rachel, a windbreaker & western shirt for Caleb, 3 shirts for Ms Cindy, shoulder purse - oh, I just looked at the purse again & found 30 cents in an inside pocket.

I don't remember what Rachel purchased on her $2 shopping spree except for a nice broomstick skirt for herself, & for Jacob, a kilt.

It fit him when he tried it on but I don't have a photo yet. Maybe later.

I'll keep you posted!

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