Saturday, April 19, 2008


As the announcer just said,
"A thrilling performance by the San Antonio Spurs winning in double overtime."
Me, excited?
Didn't you see me do the "Hurray the Spurs finally started scoring & caught up with Phoenix so we are going into overtime" dance?
Well, what about the "Timmy made a three-pointer" boogie?
It was when the TV was playing "I Just Want to Celebrate." Still no?
It's just as well; I'm sure some would have considered it a scary sight! :-)

We always like when the Spurs are in the playoffs because then we get to watch their games on TV instead of just following them online.
Item # 15 What We Miss About Living in San Antonio:
Watching every Spurs game on TV with the sound turned off and the radio on.
I still hollar (Yes that's a word. It means "yell.") "BANG" when Spurs score a 3-pointer.

For those who have asked (awa those who are still reading):
Yes, Stan is doing much better, thank you. He went to work Friday & took the kiddos to their mowing job today. He rebuilt the Honda 500's twin carburetors but says he still needs to Synchronize The Carbs (sounds like another good dance). The 450's tires arrived yesterday so it is closer to being road-ready. Plus Stan picked up another Bell helmet clearanced at Wallyworld. Good deal.
Jessie squirrel is doing well. Quite chipper. Eats well. Pees on everyone.
Jacob went to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with some friends last night but I haven't seen him to ask his opinion of it. Between work, college, & his girlfriend, that kid is gone a lot!
I've got a Boston Butt Roast in the oven trying out a new recipe It's starting to smell edible. I made chocolate chip pecan bread in my bread machine earlier, adding my touch to a recipe in a terriffic bread machine recipe book (thanks, Mom). It didn't rise well but tastes yummy and the fragrance in the house must have calories in it.

I visited a friend's blog earlier today and saw many great photos from our recent county fair:
I took several nice pictures also. Nice because I had great subjects! Rachel's microwave peanut brittle won Best in Class. She has the rosette hanging on her door.

Caleb chose the ORBITER & had FUN. Rachel's tummy complained. Rachel unable to tolerate a carnival ride? Oh, no! My baby is growing up!

You can see it was a dreary wet day. This photo was taken around 2 p.m. Plenty of "liquid sunshine".

I did learn some new things at the dual enrollment meeting:
*All semester courses count for one year high school credit except for (I believe) social sciences.
*It is possible to earn an Associates Degree without leaving the Watson campus.
*Kids can dual enroll during the summer.
*Andrew doesn't want to.
*I think it might be good for him to try.
I'll keep you posted!

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